I am inspired every day by my clients and amazed by their capacity to restore well-being.

My treatment approach integrates multiple therapeutic modalities for the body as well as addressing integration of body, mind, and spirit.  My goal is to discover what is impeding your full health and find ways to minimize dysfunction and help you to understand and manage your symptoms with education, exercise, posture, and lifestyle changes.

Treatment Areas:



My treatment philosophy is based on Tensegrity* and considers each person as a whole - more than its separate parts.  Tensegrity explains how apparent small changes in one part of the body can have significant impact on other parts.  This explains both how we get restricted and how we can affect release.   The body’s natural tendency is to health and openness, so once hindrances are released, we can more easily bounce back to health.  



*Tensegrity (a term developed by Buckminster Fuller) combines the words tension and integrity.  It describes how physical structure is maintained by a balance of separate but related tension elements.  Tensegrity is a perfect paradigm of the body with all the systems working together to maintain well-being, including soft and hard elements: muscles, fascia, ligaments, connective tissue, organ systems, and bones.